Join Our Team That Makes Healthcare Work

Join Our Team That Makes Healthcare Work

When you work here, you’re connected to a global community working together to solve the most critical healthcare challenges. You’re surrounded by a culture of possibility where ideas ripple out and have a positive impact on communities everywhere.

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Your Legacy Starts Here

Our teams are dedicated to delivering the best service in the world. Here’s your chance to take pride in contributing to the bigger story. Discover what it means to be passionate about your career and #MakeHealthcareWork. Get started today and learn more about our culture.

Meet Your Future Colleagues

At Simon Hegele Healthcare Solutions, we, as a team, make healthcare work. Learn more about your future colleagues, what they think about our culture, and how together, we make healthcare work.  

John Mitchell

National Manager – Australia

Barry Chick

Lead Installer - Australia

You care, so we care

We believe in helping you meet and grow both your personal and professional goals. If you work for us, you will be part of a strong team with a competitive, comprehensive, and flexible package to meet the demands of a unique role in an ever changing and challenging world. Our employees travel the country (and at times internationally) to support our customers and deliver on our mission to make healthcare work.

We Live Our Values


We value the physical and emotional well-being of our team members and ourselves

Customer Care

We value our customers and their business and strive to help them achieve success

Healthy Relationships

We value respect and trust to form relationships within our company and community

Forward Thinking

We value innovation and collaboration as they lead to creative improvements that help strengthen our competitive edge

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