Precision work for patient care: MRI installation at Hegau-Bodensee-Klinikum Singen


published on 07/11/2023

If you already wince when transporting a washing machine, you need strong nerves for projects of this kind. For a team from the Healthcare Sector, the task was to transport a magnetic resonance tomograph weighing over four tons to the Hegau-Bodensee Hospital in Singen and to install it on site. To ensure that this precision work was successful, the experts from Simon Hegele were there from the site inspection to the installation.

Larger diameter, faster measurements and better image quality: For these advantages in patient care, the old magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in the radiology department of Singen Hospital had to make way for a new device. 

Concentrated expertise already during preparation 
To ensure that every move was perfect on the big day, that optimal conditions were available for the MRI insertion and that the installation could be prepared in the best possible way, the project started with an on-site inspection of the conditions - carried out by the customer's project manager and an employee of Simon Hegele. The result of the inspection: Static improvements had to be made to overcome the insertion path.

Individual solution even with challenges
Due to the basement of the clinic building, the bearing load of the floor was not sufficient. The solution to prevent a possible collapse of the floor? In cooperation with an architect and a locksmith, the project team planned and built a steel girder construction designed for the load of the MRI. Secured with this construction, the large medical device was able to begin its 60-meter journey from the truck to its destination in the radiology department - with the utmost concentration on the part of the Simon-Hegele team. 

Full service up to implementation
After about one day, the four-man team reported success: The system, including accessories, had not only been brought into the building, but had also been professionally positioned according to the customer's wishes. To ensure that the doctors in the radiology department at Singen Hospital can provide their patients with the best possible care, Simon Hegele completed the installation and then handed over to the commissioning team. 

"Every successful project like this shows us how essential detailed planning is from start to finish. Thanks to the know-how of our team, even challenging installations like the one at the hospital in Singen can be carried out smoothly," says Stephan Klose, Department Manager Transport and Installation at Simon Hegele, looking back on the exciting contribution. "We thank all project participants for the good cooperation and are already looking forward to the next joint project."

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