Installation & De-installation

We offer installation services for customers' medical equipment from less intensive white glove deliveries to complex installation projects that span multiple weeks. Our technicians are trained on multiple modalities and well located through our markets. Our own training program is audited by our customers and enables us to offer standardized installation services on a global level. Our technicians are experts in installations and their repetition delivers high quality with optimized installation times.

During periods of high demand or when special knowledge might be required, our international pool of technicians offers increased capacity and flexible solutions.

Services Include

  • Tool Management Assignment, Transport, Storage, Inspection & Repair
  • Unloading & Packing Material Disposal
  • Rigging
  • Uncrating & Set-Up
  • Mechanical & Electronic Installations
  • Build Out & Advanced Shipment of De-installation Kits
  • De-installations Inclusive of Inventory Wrapping Crating & Packing
  • Storage, Relocation & Reinstallation
  • Start-Up
  • Tradeshow Support (Pre-Staging, Delivery, Installation, De-installation)

Benefit from decades of healthcare logistics experience.

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