Warehouse Management

Often, sensitive medical equipment may need short- or long-term storage. There are multiple options in the market but only a few that offer professional warehouse management for medical devices and other sensitive products. Our warehouse staff are trained in handling new and used medical devices. They are experienced in securing used medical devices for storage or shipment via ground, air, or ocean. Our facilities include 17.5 cranes for loading and unloading large heavy items including MRI magnet gantries.

All of our warehouses offer robust security and maintain a high level of cleanliness. The locations are temperature and humidity monitored. Our cloud based warehouse management software offers seamless interfaces to customer ERPs or user- friendly web access to easily monitor your inventory. All items are barcoded and assigned to a specific location.

Solid RMA processes support your reverse logistics concepts for entire systems or components/used spare parts.

The dedication of our warehouse staff means that we maintain a high level of inventory accuracy and low damage.

When it comes to shipping, we offer customized packing and crating solutions for air, ocean, and road shipments.

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