Spare Part Harvesting & Cosmetic Refurbishment

Used medical equipment is in high demand. Our team is properly trained to receive used medical devices and ensure the equipment is in proper working condition according to customer requirements. Inventory checks are critical to ensure that all components are with the system.After that, detailed disinfection and cleaning – plus a professional surface treatment – take place in our in-house paint shop. This also includes the repair of broken or damaged covers. Often, only certain components or parts are in high demand. After manufacturer training and according to OEM instruction, our team harvests spare parts, packs them and sends them for testing to our customers’ facility.

Cosmetic Repair Solutions:

  • Assessment
    • Detailed Cleaning & Disinfection 
    • Professional Surface Treatment 
  • Disassembly & Reassembly 
  • Painting
  • Spare Part Harvesting 
  • Customized Packaging Solutions for Storage & Shipping 

Benefit from decades of healthcare logistics experience.

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