Simon Hegele Healthcare Solutions coordinates all rigging and our team often performs the service. When requested by customers or in special situations, we coordinate with qualified rigging providers. Our Medical Equipment Installers have been trained extensively in safe rigging procedures and techniques and in the handling of sensitive equipment. Rest assured, your equipment is in good hands.

Rigging services typically include:

  • Site Inspections
  • Coordination of Permits/Permissions with Hospitals & Municipalities
  • Coordination with Unions (Where Applicable)
  • Following Our Customer Defining Rigging Plan to Determine the Necessary Resources (Crane Size, Number of Forklifts and Manpower)
  • Ordering the Necessary Resources
  • Safety Management Onsite
  • Execution
  • Disposal of Packing Material and Return Items Back to Factory
  • Clean Up After the Rigging

Benefit from decades of healthcare logistics experience.

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